The Most Renowned Mystery of Santa Fe, About to Be Unveiled

Family Travel Host USA

By Nathalie Bonnard-Grenet 


Before we enter into the chapel…we will read this sign: “Loretto Chapel, built in 1873, Miraculous Stairway”. Everything you can read on it, is erroneous!


Loretto Chapel! No no no, but maybe “The Chapel of our Lady of Light” was a little bit too long to put on this sign. But that is its real name.

Built in 1873! Do you really think that such a sophisticate jewel could have been built in one single year? It took 5 to be completed, until 1878.


The best! Miraculous Stairway…

The legend goes… I won’t give you all the sleazy – flimsy details of the story.

But it is said that due to the murder of young Mouly, the architect of the chapel, the choir was left with no plans or drawings to figure out how access it!


The Loretto sisters begun to do…

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